"Suki sa" - Anzen Chitai

I dare you not to think S-s-s! A-a-a! F-f-f! E-e-e! T-t-t! Y-y-y! in your head when you think of Anzen Chitai and how their name means "safety zone".

Recently Anzen Chitai started their national tour after reuniting last year after a hiatus of nearly a decade. I don't know much about them, outside of a couple of songs that I've heard over the years. They formed in the 70's (as a bunch of high schoolers in Hokkaido) and played nearly a decade before debuting (and becoming super popular) in the eighties. They went the separate ways in the nineties, doing their own projects, then popped up in the 2000's for a while, and then popped off once again, until last year.

『好きさ』 is the first song of theirs that I heard. I don't think it's the most popular, but I like it (and the lead singer Tamaki is sporting a pretty sweet hair/beard style on the video) so I present it to you here. It happens to be the theme song of Maison Ikkoku, by Rumiko Takahashi of Ranma 1/2 fame.

Youtube is a go-to if you're interested in any of their many other songs/albums. The video here also has a translation attached, different from my own. (Regarding the translation - specifically the line とまらない熱いときめきに / 涙をみせないで: I was a little hung up on that に. When I read it I took it as a sign that とまらない熱いときめき is the cause for the 涙, in the way that you "cry for/with shame". It sounds strange though and I'm not sure if the lines are supposed to be connected at all. Maybe it's just "Unstoppable hot palpitation/Don't show your tears" [or a more poetic version of that]. What do you, O Possibly Nonexistent But Appreciated If Existent Reader, think?)

好きさ しびれるほど
好きさ くやしいほど
おそれるものは なにもない
好きさ 忘れられない


好きさ しびれるほど
好きさ くやしいほど
思いつめれば 狂いそう
好きさ はなしたくない

帰れない あなたの肌にも
しかたない  別れ間際には

憎めない つめたいしぐさは
やるせない あなたのその声

I love you so much that it numbs me 
I love you so much it disturbs me 
There is nothing that can hurt us
I love you -- I can't forget you

A million sweet kisses 
as we're torn apart by the wind 
Don't cry for this endless
feverish heartbeat

I love you so much that it numbs me
I love you so much it disturbs me 
When I think about you, I fear that I'll go mad
I love you -- I never want to leave you 

We can't go back
Evening has drawn over your skin 
It's no use
we can't walk away unscathed 

I can't hate your coldness
I long for it when we can't meet
When I hear that woeful voice of yours
I fear my heart will break 

I love you 
I love you...