Osaka Science Museum

The Osaka Science Museum was honestly one of the most interesting places I visited. After entering its doors and progressing from one floor to the next, I collapsed to my knees and wept for having not decided to spend my life researching problems of the time-space continuum and other science-y things.

Here you can study the muscular system of Pac Man.
Not only are the exhibits interesting (though many descriptions are written only Japanese), but the bulk of them are interactive. That means there are 4 floors of fun and science where your mind can run amok within your skull. There is also a planetarium (which costs extra to enter, and has the distinction of being the first planetarium built in Japan) and a science show with a Japanese version of Bill Nye (which is free, and only in Japanese).

 I thought this was a prop from Doctor Who. 
It is an accelerator, which is just as cool.

And here is a statue of Einstein sitting on a bench, with which you can take your picture. You can also spend some time staring at the solar system, testing your sense of smell, making an egg spin, speaking through tubes, seeing a spaceman suit from up close, and so much more. I wished desperately that my little brother was there with me, because this is a place made for that childish wonder that adults can often only feel quietly within themselves (unless they want to be pointed at and called stupid). The only thing that disappointed me was the gift center, which was lacking. I wanted to take some of the cool back with me, but there didn't seem to be anything special. So, I went back and took as much video as my little camera would take (see top of post).

 We had very deep discussions.

The Science Museum is right next to the art museum (which is underground, and has one of the coolest entrances you will ever see in your life). We only had time to go the the Science Museum, so I can't testify to the (probably amazing) contents of the art museum, but if you can only go to one, I have to implore you to choose the Science Museum. If you want to see a little more of what kind of exhibits are available (my little camera only had so much memory, alas) check out these youtube videos if you'd like!

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