Gustatory Adventure Day 3: Chinese Restaurant On the Way to Nanzan from Nagoya Daigaku, the Name of Which I Failed to Get

It's small and cozy! Catering to the college lunch time crowd, there's a selection of manga to read while you eat! There are daily specials! It's decently priced! It's Chinese food!!

So yeah, definitely not a bad place to stop by.

Kimchi Chahan, what whaaat

I had the Rice and Ramen special; this allows you to mix and match a ramen with a rice dish. My choice was kimchi chahan and Taiwan ramen (which I`d had before at a Taiwanese restaurant, and which about set my mouth on FAIYAAAH). It came with a desert.The daily specials (ie Student Special, Lady`s Special, Daily Special) are a better deal, but I really wanted to try the kimchi chahan.

Taiwain Ramen

I wasn`t disappointed by the size of the portions,  but I wish the kimchi chahan didn`t had more kimchi. The Taiwan ramen was tasty,  but Doro thought it was a bit too salty, and it wasn`t spicy as I assumed it would be. However, it was whilst eating this Taiwan ramen that I finally learned how to slurp noodles. The desert is nothing amazing - some cubed fruit and jelly from a can, maybe - but anyway, you are so full of rice and noodles, a huge desert would be a bad idea.


The staff was friendly (she ran after me to return my umbrella which I left). I liked the simple atmosphere. I would classify this restaurant as the kind of place to go when you want something quick, cheap, and reliable.

See Doro's Review of her food!

7.5/8 out of 10.

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