Vocabulary of the Week: 勤労学生・きんろうがくせい・A Student Who Pays Their Own Way Through College

Yes, I am an 勤労学生、working my way through college. I am blessed to go to a school that offers me a good deal of financial support, but others aren't so lucky. The first kanji is the same kanji you will see in 勤める・つとめる、to be employed, and 労 symbolizes effort. They may have to get 深夜勤・しんやきん graveyard shifts to make their work schedule fit with their school schedule. I have worked until 3 a couple nights and since then I have tried as hard as I can to never be on another night shift again.

I was wondering about the difference in college society for Japan and America. A lot of the people I know have part-time jobs, both in America and Japan. However, I heard that in Japan many people live with their parents through college. This may just be my own experience, but from what I see of American culture, kids usually go out on their own once in college, living in dorms and eventually getting their own places off campus. I live at home during the summer, but work to pay rent during the school year, when I'm back on the other side of the country, so I suppose I'm somewhere in the middle. What's your view of it?

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