Osu-Kannon is the large shrine where we did Setsubun; it gave rise to many little shops and restaurants which catered to its visitors, and eventually a little 大須商店街 (shoutenmachi, shopping district) arose around it. It is pretty awesome. You want some kind-of-Mexican food (no chips and salsa, but they do have curly fries with cinnamon and sugar)? Go to Osu Kannon. You want to buy a new watch? Go to Osu Kannon. You want some of those delicious little pancake fish filled with sweet bean paste (鯛焼き)? Get down to Osu Kannon. You want some cute clothes? Some weird clothes? Some incense? Some pancakes? Go to Osu Kannon.

Do you need a watch? Do you need a uterus? Osu Kannon - problem solved.

The designer of these pants actually lives in Nagoya and works in the (owns the?) store.

Off you go, you crazy kids. Take your own pictures.

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