"I Tried to Get Rid of 9 Outfits"

I read the first chapter of an online manga, 洋服を9枚に減らしてみた, by 青木光恵 (Aoki Mitsue). It's really short and an easy read. I translated it - the first chapter is お服、大好き! or, I Love Clothes! The lines are separated as per the panels and grouped as per the page. You can read the Japanese (and actually see illustrations, which helps a lot since it's a comic and all) for frizzle (that's free, said in a hip way) here. It's only a few pages. You can find more free manga at Yahoo!コミック.

Since I was young I've longed to go camping.
Do you remember "The Story of Perrine"? About the girl that travelled around with her gypsy mother?
I loved that part where they live in the log cabin!

In the last episode she gets to live in that rich old man's mansion. It's a happy ending but...
".... Boring..."
"Living on the road sounds like so much more fun than being rich!" ...was the kind of reaction I had.
I really yearned for the -- what do I call it?-- the have-nothing, free lifestyle.

So how could I, at 41 years old, have a room like this?
It would be OK if it was just my office... "The living room..."

And the bulk of it is clothing. "I can't travel like this! This won't fit on a donkey!"

"The clothes over here... They're the kind I wore 10 years ago."
"They're still in boxes... since the house before the house I moved here from..."
"There's no way they still fit."
"Oh, I still want to wear them... ... But they definitely don't fit."

"But I still like them! And they have sentimental value! Plus they were expensive! I don't wanna throw them away!"
"Still! Just thinking about dealing with them in any other way..."
"It's such a pain in the ass!"
"Ooo, seriously!"
So then, what to do?

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