Japan is HIGH TECH...

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...when it comes to jam and butter.

So, you don't even need a knife with these things. You just bend the hard plastic packet and the jam and butter come out at once. They even have these things at McDonald's, apparently. Maybe barbecue sauce or soy sauce comes out of those. I don't know. I'll probably go and find out soon, because they have something called a Texas burger which I'm thinking of trying one day. I'll have to go without breakfast or dinner, because I think it has eggs, macaroni, hamburger and bacon on it (judging from the picture as I remember it in my mind – don't trust me).

Anyway, buttering and jamming -- yes, jamming -- my bread this way made me feel so advanced. Who cares about talking toilets or whatever when this kind of wonderful invention exists?


  1. ah come on! We here in America have little buckets of jam that you peel the top off and can dump a nice glob of sweet tasting jam onto your buns or biscuit and use the peeled top to spread the wonderful tasting sweetness all about.

  2. Man, I soooo wanted to have a texas burger, but I never got around to it. Now they have the inferior looking and quite average tasting New York burger... I am very sad about this.

    Cool blog, btw!

  3. g dawg -

    Very late seeing your comment, sorry!

    I really wanted to try a Texas Burger too, but I never did. Did you try the Hawaii Burger? I thought it was pretty delicious, despite the copious mayonnaise. Not sure what was Hawaiian about it though...