The Osaka Aquarium

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You may have heard a lot about the Kaiyukan; everyone seems to want to go there. I think it lived up to its reputation, and recommend a look, but it is quite expensive (2000 yen). I enjoyed the way the exhibit was set up, with the tanks extending through different levels. If it`s too crowded in one area, you may be able to descend a floor and see the same creatures there. 

The gift shops were also really nice. They have little shark forks and everything. I recommend the sweet pins. 

Besides that, it`s has a wonderful view over the bay, the building itself is quite cool, and there is a ferris wheel and butt-load of shops and restaurants right beside it (the area is called Tempozan Harbor Village). 

The buildings and murals were amazing...

...as was the view

The ferris wheel costs 700 yen to ride, and I can`t say if it's worth it since I didn`t go myself, but the restaurants were a nice end to our sea exploration. There was curry, burgers, ice cream, yakisoba, gyuudon... You should be able to satisfy your appetite. There were also clothing shops, a ninja store (really), and more. 

The aquarium is only about a five minute walk from the nearest station. A great place to spend half of your day!

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