Toyota Plant

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We visited the Toyota plant, and then the Toyota Museum. Unfortunately, photos and video were absolutely not allowed within the plant. It really is a shame, because it was amazing. Something about the organization of everything -- all of those moving parts, human and robot, working together -- just wowed me. I felt like I was breathing efficiency and seeing the future. (Comments about Toyota brakes aside). I suppose you can see the way humans and robots work together in car factories on commercials, "How Do They Do It?", etcetera, but to see it in real life, on such a scale, I think is really awe-inspiring. One thing I can tell you is: the Toyota plant used different tunes to apply to different teams/sections of the factory. It was cute.

At the Toyota Museum: learn how your car protects you 
in the event of an accident

The museum was also cool. Besides there being a showroom where you can get into cars and pretend you own them, they have a robot that plays a trumpet (on a schedule) and various showrooms displaying car parts, diagrams, and futuristic concepts. The museum itself isn't very big, but it really was an interesting place to see, especially after the tour of that humming car plant.

 Actually, we saw one of the vehicles on display in reality at the Nagoya's Chubu Airport. The security guard on the Observation Desk was looking very sci-fi. You can see the actual product in the first photo, and the representation we saw at the Toyota Museum in the second.

Honestly, I was a little scared. I mean, doesn't this 
vehicle have "futuristic human-hunting pod" written all over it?

"Yes, child on tricycle, my favourite dish..."

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