Vocabulary of the Week: Earthquake 地震・じしん

I heard there was an earthquake last night, but I was snoring away and didn't notice it at all. 

In Japanese, 地震・じしん is earthquake. The level of its strength by the Japanese scale is called 震度・しんど。 1 is the weakest, 7 is the largest. By the Japanese scale, I think the earthquake in Chile was categorized as a six.

This actually happened to me a few days after I came to live with my host family. My host father asked if I'd been woken up by the earthquake. No. I hadn't. This is not surprising, as even the fire alarm outside my bedroom apparently is not strong enough to wake me. I suppose I prefer dreamland. At the time I was a bit sad that I didn't get to experience the 'excitement' of my first earthquake, but after Chile I wonder if it isn't foolish to want to experience one.

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  1. Aren't earthquakes pretty common though? You might experience one just yet. I thought I read that there's at least a small one somewhere in Japan everyday...that can't be right though can it??