Grammar Point of the Week: Present tense + ところで; At the moment; At the point

Off and on I am reading through this book called 「海になみだはいらない」 by 灰谷健次郎, so I thought I'd pick up a grammar point from it. This is one that I've seen in some readings: present tense plus ところで. Tokoro means place, so I often think of it as 'at the place of [action]'. You may have seen tokoro used in the following fashion:

present tense +ところ  About to...
progressive tense +ところ  Currently...
past tense +ところ  Just finished...

This case is present tense +ところで I read this as "At the point that..." "At the moment that..." "Just as I..." Perhaps "when".

"When I think I've gone far enough, I dive, somersaulting, like I'm falling into the water."

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