A Night at the Chuunichi Dragon Game

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I went to a baseball game (Chuunichi Dragons) with my host family the other night. Super fun! Baseball is baseball where ever you go, but there are some differences when it comes to baseball games in Japan. What I noticed most was the fan base.

In Japan there is a special section for these super-fans. I think they are there to lead the rest of the game-watchers in songs (because there is a song for each player) and patterns of clapping (in several variations). There is a band and also banner-waving. That much reminds me more of a high school football game than a baseball game: you have the band and pep in one section, leading all of the fans. I guess I`ve only been to Little League games (and one game for the San Antonio Missions, where I was more captivated by the mascot, Henry the Puffy Taco), but that much seemed different to me. In the US the fan base doesn't seem as concentrated in one area, does it?

Also, do baseball teams in America have song booklets? Because the Chuunichi Dragons do. (Actually, I went to one game a while back for the Chiba Lotte Marines, and they also had songs, some of which I can still remember. Go Benny, go Benny, oretachi no Benny!) I didn't get any video from the Dragons game (sad face), so this video is from my first visit to Japan, way back, with JDC. We saw a Chiba Lotte Marines game.

Recently I was watching a news report about baseball and its female fan base. A certain venue/team (I forget which, now), trying to attract more women to their games, has created a group of `women`s only` seats. Also they have begun offering incentives for women, such as the opportunity to sit in a box and have the game explained by a professional. It seems there is a substantial percentage of people (mostly women?) who go to baseball games without knowing the rules, etc, simply to have fun.

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  1. I saw a Marines game too the other week! My friends saw the Dragons play a different night, but the game I saw was versus the Yakult Swallows. I forgot I actually liked baseball...there was a super-fan section at the Marines stadium too, but we were sitting next to an ojisan that was just as super-fan-y.

    Did you do anything with balloons at the 7th inning stretch? At our game you bought balloons, blew them up, and then everyone lets them go at the same time.