Space Whale Grammar Remix

Once again I received some great help from the people at Lang-8! Meguさん has given me a nice explanation of how to properly use  「思ったように」and「思うように」, which she recommended I change to 「思ったほど」 in the Space Whale comic. She also recommended I change 「だって」 to 「それに」. Man, do I need some more practice with だって!

You can find some other points that have been corrected if you look at the entry, but here is what meguさん had to say about 「思ったように」and「思うように」, translated into English:

"This is in regards to 「思ったように」and「思うように」, but these have a meaning of "as I hoped" or "as I like", which is a bit different from "as I previously thought" or "as expected".
For example[思うように]: I can't speak English as well as I'd like. / Life isn't going to go the way you'd like it to.
When you want to say "As I had previously thought" or "as expected", or "it didn't turn out like I thought it would", you should use 「思ったほど~ない」."

Original Japanese below, and at Lang-8:

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