Tokyo Sevens Festival

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On the 25th of April I went with the Nagoya Ladies to take part in the Tokyo Rugby Sevens Festival! No, I didn't suddenly get amazing at rugby - I went as the help (otetsudai・おてつだい・お手伝い). The Ladies only had one side and a couple subs, so everyone had a tiring three games. But they won every single one of them! You can see the scores for the women's side of the tournament here, on the Nagoya Ladies Blog. Some photos...

First game of the day!




It was my first time being at such an official tournament. The guys were GIGANTIC! I swear, they must have been seven feet tall. The U-23 National Women's Team had some really intense looking girls. But the star of the day was of course the Ladies! Some amazing kicks, tackles, and great footwork. Watching them play, there is no way you would have thought they'd spent the previous night sleeping in cars (because we did, and it was not comfortable)! I was worried about taking up space (plus I had to borrow clothes from people since I didn't bring dress clothes from home - the team has to look professional off the pitch!) but like always everyone was welcoming and happy. I'm really glad I was given the opportunity!


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