Gustatory Adventures: Rafters

A burger shop between Yagoto and Yagoto Nisseki Stations. Very small and cozy! If you are walking from Yagoto Nisseki, it will be on your left side, a bit after Toys R Us. The owner, Mr. Tanabe, is super-nice and talkative. My friend talked to him for dating advice! He's used to the influx of Nanzan students, and makes everything right in front of you. Try his home fries! We went there often for shakes - it's a wonderful place to hang out with friends, but be aware that there is only counter space (so no HUGE groups of friends). He even has a little to-go window for soft-serve icecream! Besides the shakes and the English-muffin burgers and the fries and the sundaes, I loved the counters and stools, and also, strangely, the very cute little bathroom.

Rafters is a nice place to relax with friends, during lunch break or for a late night milkshake. Make friends with Mr. Tanabe! He's very personable but he won't talk if you don't talk to him first.

Rafters is one of the places I'd love to go back to one day, if I ever return to Japan. An 11/10! The extra point is for awesomeness and nostalgia.

 Strawberry, mint, and Kahlua milkshakes. Plus Mr. Tanabe!

(I never got to try the French Toast or the crepes. This is a serious regret・後悔・こうかい)


  1. I've been here about 11years ago and would love to come back. I always talk about this place with my hubby and told him that I would bring him at Rafters. Aside from the wonderful gustatory experience they have is the very cozy ambience they provide. Believ it or not, my favorite spot there is the bathroom.
    Definitely, I will be back. Someday.

    1. Wow, I didn't realize he'd been operating for so long! I definitely want to go back too. I must try the french toast one day!!